4 Logo Types to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Enterprise

Are you a newbie in the online arena? Or are you thinking about launch your business either virtual or a brick and mortar version? Well, after coming up with your business name, the next thing you need is to develop a logo. The logo is the visual aspect of your business and powers its identity. When a person forgets your enterprise name, the logo becomes a pointer to help them identify it.

Also, the logo creates an emotion in your prospects that determines their purchase decisions and the perception they will have on your products. It also has the power to ease your marketing and activities. For this and other reasons, you need to consider your logotype during the development process. Here are 4 types you can select:

Graphic and symbols

Are you looking on to create a distinct personality of your enterprise? If this is so, graphic and symbols can help you achieve it. This logotype uses images and symbols to help you have a grounded identity. When a customer sees the symbol or the image, they automatically think about your business. Apple and Twitter are good examples of this type. Each time a person mentions Apple, you think about the symbol of a bitten apple. Also, on the mention of Twitter, an image of a bluebird comes to your mind.

a)   The growth of your online store

Growth is the primary goal for any business. You always focus on putting in extra efforts to ensure your online store reaches out to many customers. With better strategies and plan, you can realize this goal within a limited duration. Growth does not come empty-handed. It comes along with lots of shipping demands. Hence, you start making frequent deliveries. At times, your current carrier may not be able to handle this frequency.

In this essence, if you want to become competitive in your niche, you must select a symbol as part of your logo. However, it is recommendable to choose symbols that merge with your products and services. For instance, if you deal with cake baking, you can include a cake symbol. Matching what you do with the icon you use helps customers to know what you do even before you talk about it. By this, you harness your marketing activities.

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If you are not a fan of graphics and symbols, you can go for the logotype option. This type is simple as it concentrates on using your company name as the business logo. The approach helps you to enhance the popularity of your business name among the audiences and prospective customers. Google uses this type of logo. It uses its name with each letter having a different color. With it, the company gained high popularity and stood out as the top search engine. Nevertheless, the logotype approach works well with a business that has one word only. So, if your business has more than one word, this approach is a bad idea.   


Well, if Logotype did not work for you – possibly due to several words in your business name – abbreviation is a good idea. This approach focuses on using the abbreviated version. Here, you pick the first letters in your business name and make them a phrase. You then use different colors or single one as well as various designs and font styles.

The approach enhances the memorability of your logo and standing out from the crowd. However, you need to be unique by using some designs and patterns. Otherwise, your logo will be the same as others in your niche. The IBM modification of the white stripes is a nice way on how you can achieve logo uniqueness when using the abbreviation logotype and having a free logo generator online.

Cartoons or Mascot

Each kid regardless of where they come from fall in love with cartoons. You too did when at your tender age. The love of cartoons does not fade with maturity. Cartoons continue to attract people. Use of cartoons in logo making is a good way of enabling you to stand out. So, if your planning to sell your products to families with kids, mascot symbols can boost your sales.